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2023 OAU Post UTME General Examination Instructions



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General Examination Instructions for the 2023 OAU Post UTME

To ensure a fair and secure examination process, candidates are required to adhere to the following general instructions for the 2023 OAU Post UTME:

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  1. Test Nature and Conduct:
  • This is a competitive qualifying aptitude test. Candidates must conduct themselves accordingly and professionally.
  • It is crucial to have a reliable and stable internet connection before attempting the online aptitude test.
  1. Monitoring and Recording:
  • All candidate activities during the aptitude test will be closely monitored and recorded.
  • Candidates are required to take the test on a device with a webcam and microphone enabled. Using mobile phones for the aptitude test is not supported.
  1. Webcam Usage:
  • Candidates must not cover their webcams at any time during the aptitude test. Failure to keep the webcam uncovered may result in disqualification.
  1. Seating Position:
  • During the aptitude test, candidates are not allowed to leave their seating positions. Ensure you are adequately prepared before starting the test.
  1. No Assistance Allowed:
  • Candidates are strictly prohibited from seeking or receiving assistance during the screening exercise.
  • No individual, including family members, is permitted to be in the vicinity of the candidate during the test. Violation of this rule may lead to disqualification.
  1. Test Duration:
  • The aptitude test has a fixed duration of 60 minutes.
  • The timer starts immediately when candidates click the start button and continues even if they log out before the 60 minutes elapse.
  1. No Reading Aloud:
  • Reading questions out loud during the aptitude test is not allowed and may result in disqualification.
  1. Automatic Submission:
  • If you run out of time, the aptitude test will automatically be submitted. Manage your time wisely.
  1. Prohibited Items:
  • The use of earpieces, headphones, facemasks, or face caps during the examination is strictly prohibited.
  1. Scheduled Time:
    • Candidates should be aware that they can only commence the examination at their scheduled time. Ensure you log in at the designated time slot to begin your test.

Adhering to these instructions will contribute to a fair and efficient examination process. Candidates are advised to review these guidelines thoroughly and prepare accordingly for the 2023 OAU Post UTME. Good luck with your examination!


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