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2023: Obi Refuses To Disclose How To Tackle Security If Elected President

Peter Obi, the Labour Party(LP) Presidential Candidate in the upcoming general election, has refused to reveal the strategies he would use to combat the nation’s insecurity if elected President in 2023.
He claims that if elected Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he would take decisive action to address the issue of insecurity.
According to information obtained by Akahi News, Obi stated in an interview that he gave on Arise TV’s Morning Show on Monday that he would not hesitate to fire subpar service members during his time as president.
He stated, “Rufai, even with a gun on my head, I can’t give you details of what I’m going to do with the issue of insecurity,” when asked how he would have handled the kind of security alert issued by the United States regarding potential terror attacks in Nigeria in Abuja.However, as commander in chief, I will handle it decisively.Because if I do, it won’t work, I can’t tell you how I’m going to handle it.
“My first duty in this country is to protect people’s lives and property.”Because nobody will invest unless you do this, it is crucial.There is no food production and nothing can occur without food production because the farmers cannot return.
“Not even the United States…all they said when they went to Baghdad was that they would attack massively and decisively; they never told us how they would do it that night.How do I inform you?I’ll take charge.
We will be responsive and accountable when it comes to security, and I will be commander in chief.This indicates that whatever took place, we will deal with it decisively and hold someone accountable.You’re out if you don’t do it.Obi continued, “We are not going to wait.”

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