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2023: Tinubu To Unleash Anti-terrorist Battalions To Fight Insurgency



Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for president in 2023, has made some of the plans he has for combating insecurity in Nigeria public.
During the launch of his 80-page manifesto titled “Renewed Hope 2023, Action Plan for a Better Nigeria,” on Friday, this information was made public.
To combat the terrorists and insurgents, Tinubu revealed plans to establish a highly trained and disciplined special forces anti-terrorist battalion.
In addition, the candidate for the APC stated that he would recruit qualified individuals into the system and provide the military and other security forces with cutting-edge equipment to enhance their capabilities.
He stated, “Special forces units and highly trained and disciplined anti-terrorist battalions (ABATTS) will be created.Terrorists, kidnappers, and bandits will gain access to the strategic and tactical initiative as their goal.
“Military units will have a greater advantage over criminals, bandits, and terrorists in terms of mobility and communications thanks to improved tactical communications gear and new vehicles.
“We will further modernize our Armed Forces by ensuring that our weapons systems—land, sea, and air—are able to address current and anticipated security threats in the modern world. This will allow us to further modernize our Armed Forces.Additionally, this will entail recruiting individuals with the technical abilities required of today’s military.”
It should be recalled that Tinubu also promised to reform the Police Force, as reported by Akahi News earlier.
He said that if he wins the election in 2023, he would make sure that police officers would not be able to play roles they weren’t expected to.
He said that this would be a part of his changes to the police force and the country’s overall internal security architecture.
The former governor of Lagos State stated that these responsibilities would be assigned to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), which is the agency established for this purpose and given authority by law.
He claims that police officers are not permitted to perform VIP security and guard duties.


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