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“95 out of 100% Nigerian girls in Dubai are into runs” — Lege Miami



  • Content creator and media personality, Lege Miami reveals the kind of business Nigerian women are into in Dubai
  • The media personality stated that a staggering 95% of Nigerian women residing in Dubai are into runs

Popular media personality Lege Miami makes a bold claim about Nigerian Dubai based ladies.

Lege Miami revealed that about 95% out of every 100 Nigerian girls residing in Dubai are reportedly involved in runs.

In an interview with Nedu and the crew of ‘the honest bunch podcast,’ the social media star discusses his encounters with Nigerian ladies in Dubai.

He recalled his interaction with a friend who revealed to him that whenever he travels to Dubai, he spends time with Nigerian runs girls.

After making observations, the influencer came to the conclusion that prostitution is currently a popular way of life for Nigerian women in Dubai.

He added that it seems to be the reason for the recent influx of so many Nigerian girls into Dubai.

See video below:

In another story, Lege Miami triggers backlashes as he samples new song for Seyi Tinubu on pants 

Popular Yoruba actor, Lege Miami, is currently facing criticism due to a recent video he shared on social media.

The actor took to his official Instagram page, where he appeared wearing boxer shorts, delivering the lyrics of his upcoming song dedicated to Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In the clip, Lege Miami announced the title of his incoming song as “True Friend”, urging his fans to anticipate its release on 27th August.

In the lyrics of the song, he praised Seyi Tinubu. Speaking in Yoruba, he said: “Emi ore Seyi Tinubu, omo president Ilu wa,” which translates to “I, a friend of Seyi Tinubu, the son of the country’s president.”

Nevertheless, the aspect of the video that garnered the most attention and provoked reactions was the fact that Lege Miami wore only pants, inadvertently displaying his private area while dancing and singing…See video here.



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