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Oct 1st: Daddy Freeze and Acapella debate Nigeria’s accomplishments.



Daddy Freeze, a Nigerian acapella performer and media personality, has disagreed with the celebration of Nigeria’s independence.
A screenshot of a report that showed that China had 67 billionaires in 2016 alone had been shared by Daddy Freeze.
In addition to claiming that 90% of Chinese people are irreligious, the media personality also stated that the Chinese do not pray.
Daddy Freeze also stated that Nigerians wake up every morning to construct “imaginary fire altars of prayer” in order to pray for helpers in their destinies even though the Chinese are becoming more prosperous.He penned:
Keep in mind that our vice president is an ordained pastor in the RCCG if you think leadership, not religion, is the root of our issue.
Up to 90% of Chinese people are not religious, and the Chinese do not pray.meaning that they don’t practice religion, but every five days, China makes a USD billionaire.
“China makes more billionaires in a month than Nigeria did in 60 years.
“While Nigerians wake up every morning to set up fictitious fire altars of prayer and pray for destiny helpers, the Chinese are becoming wealthier, and we only have three USD billionaires.When will this saga come to an end?
Acapella, who was in the post’s comment section, advised Daddy Freeze to permit prayer.
He also inquired about Daddy Freeze’s wealth, claiming that he was not involved in the construction of prayer altars.Acapella penned:
“Lolz baba, but you don’t normally set up changes; how many billions do you make?”“In Nigeria, there is hardly a legitimate billionaire bcos of one or two…Allow people to pray if they want to…The Chinese also have their beliefs.” Intentional government policies are what make a people rich.In response to Acapella’s comment, Daddy Freeze stated that he had never claimed to preach a gospel that produced billionaires or wealth.
In addition, the fact that the country’s vice president is an appointed Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was mentioned by the media, which rhetorically asked if things had improved in Nigeria after 60 years of prayer.He penned:
“My precious brother.I never make the claim that I teach a gospel that makes people rich, much less billionaires.I do not preach the Bible the way you would like it to be.I do not claim to be an apostle of prosperity like 90% of your pastors, nor do I pray for destiny helpers.I hereby challenge you to enumerate ten ways that our nation has benefited from our prayers.I’m on hold.“Religion and the government are in bed making love with passion because our Vice President is an ordained redeemed pastor.
“In what ways has Nigeria improved since we have been praying for 60 years?Everything from our love for one another to our insecurities, the economy, and so on has regressed.We continue to pray, however.
“When the scriptures say; “, they are crystal clear.God is not known by those who do not love.There are a lot of hateful people in Nigeria who have no idea who God is. All these dingbats do is pray reverently to a God they don’t know or follow.
The New International Version of 1 John 4:8.Because God is love, anyone who does not love does not know God.
“We are comparing ourselves to nations that do not practice prayer, and the more we practice it, the more our nation resembles H3ll faya.
What do we have to show for having five churches on every street and countless fictitious prayer altars every morning?Lack of love, insecurity, or poverty?
So, what are the prayers and the fictitious fire altars in the early morning?
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