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Pat Attah, an actor, admits to dating numerous actresses in the past



When it came time for Pat Attah, a veteran of Nollywood, to talk about his previous relationships with Nigerian actresses, he didn’t hold back.
The actor, who was born in Anambra State, spoke with Vanguard recently in a live Instagram chat about his acting career, his move to Germany, and some misconceptions about his brand.
The movie star said that he made the decision to move to Germany because he wasn’t living his dream in Nigeria.
He claimed that he felt like he was in a cage back home because he was living his life to please others in Nigeria.
The lover boy actor admitted to dating numerous actresses during his career, speaking about the romantic roles he played in movies.
He added,
I don’t feel bad about playing those romantic roles, even though at one point they became more stereotypical, and I was frequently cast in almost all movies as the lover boy.I wasn’t that.Rather, I was playing the role that I was instructed to play.
“The fact of the matter is that many of the actresses at the time claimed that I was in some way connected to them;Nobody interacted with me in any way.After a movie has been shot, the producer might decide to tell a story to get people to react and watch the movie.He might say, “Pat Attah is in a hot relationship with actress A or B.” This is a seasonal relationship with the person in the movie, not with anyone else.While I have not denied having dated a few actresses, the majority of the rumors that were spread about me back then were false.
Pat did not specify whether he is married.However, he mumbled, “I didn’t say there is no vacancy in me.”Because it is a puzzle, I just let people play with it.
The attractive actor stated that he has not retired from acting and is prepared to return to Nollywood whenever the producers request it.
I just need to wait for the right moment.I’ll be there if I get the right script.I could even complete it by myself.Even though I have no desire to work in film production, I could also become a producer.He exclaimed, “I want to remain an actor.”
In addition, he called out the “misconception” that circulated at the time that he had given his life to Christ and now worked in Germany to win souls for Him.
The veteran keeps his body and soul together in a strange land because he is involved in music, photography, and other businesses in Germany.
Pat Attah, Emeka Ike and Ramsey Nouah controlled the film business in mid 2000 as ‘Nollywood darling young men’.
Before leaving the screen, the actor shared the screen with a number of famous faces, including Genevieve Nnaji, Pete Edochie, Ramsey Nouah, Oge Okoye, Ini Edo, Alex Lopez, Steph Nora Okere, Patience Ozkwo, and others.
Glamour Girls, Break Up, Battle of Love, Orange Groove, My Wedding Eve, Color of Love, Extreme Measure, The Same Joy, and other films are among his productions.


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