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Actress Peggy Ovire Breaks Silence On Her Engagement To Frederick Leonard



Following her engagement to Frederick Leonard, a former coworker who has since become her lover, Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire has spoken out.According to Akahi News, Frederick revealed their relationship on Friday while celebrating Peggy’s birthday on his social media page.
Later, a video of Frederick kneeling to propose to Peggy Ovire shows him doing so. She says yes to the enthusiastic applause of the other Nollywood actors present at the event.
Peggy expressed her admiration for Frederick’s love on Instagram, claiming that he was her first best friend.
She prayed that God’s favor would never leave his life and expressed her gratitude to him for loving her despite her stubbornness.
She penned:You were my first best friend, and you always told me, “Peggy, I’ll make you a happy woman.” Please continue to pray for me.I’ll give you the best of everything.I will adore you, correct?You amaze me again every day, and yesterday was no exception.I’ve seen you develop, blossom, and keep your promises.The journey has not been easy.This man is in this very spot!I don’t know what to say to you now for the first time.However, I am indebted to you for loving this obstinate girl.God’s favor should never leave your life.I pray that God will shine his light on you.IJN I pray for your well-being, prosperity, and longevity.My husband and my headdress.Here’s to the future!


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