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As the police escort Agradaa out of the court, she becomes religious



Patricia Asiedua, more commonly referred to as “Nana Agradaa,” the head of the Heaven Way Church, left the courtroom on Thursday after the State brought criminal charges against her against her. She said that she had great faith in God.
The controversial preacher broke into a Twi chorus as she left the court under police guard to show that she trusted God to save her from her problems.
She sang, “Nkunimdi w h ma wn a wtwn Kristo…”, which means “there is victory for those who believe in Jesus Christ,” as the police led her away in front of a horde of people.
She sang with some of the supporters who had come to show their support as she waved her scarf and got into a Police car that was waiting for her.
Six counts of defrauding by false pretense and charlatanical advertising are the charges against Nana Agradaa at the moment of his trial.
Her attorneys made an application for bail at the hearing on Thursday morning, but it was denied and the trial was set to continue on Monday, October 17, 2022.
Following allegations of a money-doubling scam made against her by some of her church members, Nana Agradaa was arrested earlier this week.
On Saturday, October 8, videos of enraged “Nana Agradaa” church members accusing their leader of betrayal flooded social media.
The alleged betrayed congregation members claimed, in a series of JoyNews-monitored comments, that they believed what she said and gave various amounts of money in the hopes of receiving multiple folds, as she had promised.
After Nana Agradaa’s promises fell through, some of the alleged victims said they drove long distances to meet her and get their money.
Following their complaints, the police received them, which resulted in her arrest.
In the meantime, a lot of people on social media have said that the people in the affected church are too gullible and vulnerable.


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