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I adore Allysyn as well as my other two girlfriends. Hermes discusses relationships



Chibueze Iyele, a “level up” housemate on Big Brother Naija who was kicked out, has admitted that he is in love with Allysyn as well as his other two girlfriends.
He shared this information in a radio interview with Groovy and Sheggz, two other ex-housemates.
The reality star claims that he enjoys being in multiple relationships and would never be in a relationship with a woman who would force him to love her exclusively.
He said that his relationship was open and that either of his partners could leave at any time.
Hermes said that even though he hadn’t talked to Allysyn, he still loved her so much.
Below, watch him speak:
Recently, Hermes disclosed that he and his siblings were given god-inspired names.
During one of his interviews following the eviction, the performer claimed that his father gave each of the four children names inspired by distinct gods.
He stated that his father gave him the name “Hermes” when he was born, not as a stage name.He stated,
Four of us were given names by my father after gods.Akhnaton and Kuthumi are my two brothers, and Isis is my sister.My real name is Hermes.
*Hermes is a god of the Olympians in ancient Greek mythology and religion.Hermes is regarded as the gods’ messenger.In addition, he is regarded as the guardian of human orators, travelers, thieves, merchants, and heralds.
With the help of his winged sandals, he can move quickly and freely between the mortal and divine worlds.
According to research, Hermes is the “soul guide,” or psychopomp, who leads souls into the afterlife.
Keep in mind that ex-Big Brother Naija “level up” Allysyn Audu recently made it clear that she would not continue her romantic relationship with Hermes outside of the house.
Hermes already has two girlfriends outside of the Big Brother Naija housemate, which is also not a secret.
She stated in a recent interview:
“I respected Hermes’ dynamic (circumstance) while he was in the house because I was aware that he had two girlfriends.Nevertheless, as I leave the house right now, I am aware that I do not wish to be a part of that dynamic (situation), despite the fact that I have a genuine connection with him.I want to concentrate on me.Hermes is a beautiful, passionate, and dramatic character.I always choose very different people.His piercings and tattoos make him physically stand out as well.Both of us are creative people.He has a lot of talent, and I know that we will be great friends for a long time.


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