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Apprentice imprisoned for life for sexually assaulting boss’s daughter



Apprentice imprisoned for life for sexually assaulting boss’s daughter.

The Special Offences Court in Ikeja, Lagos State, handed down a life sentence to Nwankwo Ifeanyi, a man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl.

In June 2017, the crime was committed at the victim’s residence by Ifeanyi, an apprentice of the victim’s father.
He was then taken into custody and arraigned.
“That you, Nwankwo Ifeanyi, did commit sexual assault on a four-year-old girl by putting your fingers into her private parts, about June 20, 2017, at 11, Joy Street, Ojo,” was one of the charges.
The defense presented two witnesses, including Nwankwo Nnamdi, the defendant’s brother, while the prosecution presented two witnesses.
The judge stated, “The defendant is his apprentice and lives in the same house with them while the victim’s father deals in electronics.”
“The victim was sexually assaulted by the defendant by dipping his finger into her private parts, as the victim complained of pain on a regular basis and told her father that the defendant had done it more than once.”
“The defendant was arrested and taken to the Ojo Police Station after she was taken to three hospitals.”


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