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Armed robbers invade skitmaker Kingsley’s home, cart away his car, money and other valuables



Armed robbers have attacked Ogbonna Buchi Kingsley, also known as Doctall Kingsley, a comedian from Nigeria.
The comedian revealed that on Wednesday, heavily armed men broke into his home through the kitchen, took his family hostage, and robbed him.
He also said that they took his money, electronics, and the car he bought just two weeks ago.
He mentioned how traumatized his wife was still about the situation, even though she had just given birth via CS.
He captioned the video in which he described the entire incident before posting it online;
The rate of insecurity in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole is extremely high. This robbery has traumatized my family, and we believe the @nigeriapoliceforce is working hard to catch the criminals. I hope we can recover.God be with us all.


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