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“At this point, Asake must explain what his song ‘lonely at the top’ means” – Fan raises concern



  • Concerns raised over Asake’s mental state amid Mohbad’s controversy.
  • Fan urges artists facing challenges with record labels to speak out.
  • Specific call for Asake to explain the meaning of his hit song, “Lonely at the Top.”
  • “Lonely at the Top” gains popularity, prompting curiosity about its meaning.

Amid the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s tragic death, a fan has called for Asake to explain the meaning of his song “Lonely at the Top,” raising concerns about his mental state.

The music industry has been shaken by a series of videos, stories, and revelations related to the untimely demise of Mohbad.

Concerns raised over Asake's song "Lonely at the Top" amidst Mohbad controversy

As the spotlight intensifies on the issues plaguing artists under record labels, one concerned fan has taken to social media to call for transparency and solidarity among artists who may be facing similar challenges.

In a passionate message posted on social media, the concerned fan implored artists who may be enduring difficult situations with their record labels to break their silence and share their experiences.

The fan’s message particularly singled out Asake, the rising star, and called for an explanation regarding the meaning of his popular track, “Lonely at the Top.”

In the fan’s words;

“At this point, everyone that’s being bullied by any record label should come out. Even Asake needs to come out and explain what ‘Lonely at the Top’ means at this point.”

See below;


In other news, The O2 Arena was ablaze with excitement and fervor as Afrobeats sensation Asake took his electrifying performance to new heights, quite literally, by making a breathtaking entrance via helicopter at his sold-out show.

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause as the artist descended onto the stage, marking a historic moment in the world of music entertainment.

Asake, renowned for his innovative approach to music and his hit debut album ‘Mr Money With The Vibes,’ proved once again why he stands out in the Afrobeats scene.



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