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Brazilian Instagram Influencer Nubia Cristina Braga Shot Dead At Home



Instagram Influencer, Nubia Cristina Braga

Nubia Cristina Braga, a popular Instagram influencer in Brazil, was shot and killed inside her home by two intruders, who then made off on a motorcycle.
On October 14, the content creator, who was 23 years old and had nearly 60,000 Instagram followers, was discovered dead in her home in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Aracaju, Sergipe State, Brazil.Just before she passed away, she had stopped by a hair salon.
“Three men on motorcycles rode up shortly after she arrived and entered Braga’s property through the open front door.They opened fire on the aspiring social media star when they saw her and shot her multiple times before fleeing the crime scene.
The New York Post reported that when authorities finally arrived at the house at 9 p.m., they discovered Braga dead in a pool of blood.
The identities of the masked killers and their motives are unknown.
However, a murder investigation has been launched by authorities.In addition, they are urging members of the public to share any information that might lead to their arrest.
The Brazilian news site G1 reports that relatives of Nubia Cristina Braga in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Aracaju are still trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the crime.
Claudia Menezes, her aunt, stated, “We want to know why they did this to Nubia.”She also claims that the influencer’s mother is on medication and that the death has left the entire family extremely shaken.
Nubia’s aunt stated that her relatives were unaware of the possibility that the niece was being threatened. This was in reference to the possibility that the niece was receiving some kind of threat.She stated, “Nubia never said anything when she was threatened.”

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