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Bukunmi Oluwashina speaks on playing Agemo, Kitan and experience working with Lateef Adedimeji in Jagun Jagun



  • Talented actress Bukunmi Oluwashina has dished out the details about the immense hard work she poured into mastering her dual roles as Kitan and Agemo in the blockbuster movie ‘Jagun Jagun’.
  • Agemo, functioning as the reliable demonic assassin for Ogundiji (Femi Adebayo) in Jagun Jagun, had movie enthusiasts utterly impressed by Bukunmi’s fiery embodiment of her characters

Yoruba film sensation, Bukunmi Oluwashina, spilled the beans that she dedicated weeks to intense fitness routines, all to nail her impressive dual roles as Kitan and Agemo in the iconic movie ‘Jagun Jagun’.

Bukunmi, In her interview with PUNCH, let it slip that she kick-started her fitness training at home, took a momentary breather, and then cranked up the intensity by joining her fellow colleagues on the set.

According to her, right after getting her hands on the script, she wasted no time and dived headfirst into the fitness routine.

Her words;

“I knew it was going to be demanding, because of the characters I played, especially that of the warrior— Agemo. When I got the script, I immediately started going for fitness workouts. Because of my daughter, it was sometimes hard for me to go to the gym, so at times, I also worked out at home.

I did that for a couple of weeks, before I joined them on set and started another round of training.”

Injecting some flair into her statement, the actress boldly stated that the powerful message conveyed in the renowned movie is the exact kind of tonic the country needs at that very moment.

She said;

“I feel super excited about the reviews the movie has been getting. I knew it was going to be that way, because when I got on the set, I saw that everything was on point; from the actors to the equipment and locations. We had everything we needed to make a great movie. I am very proud of Femi Adebayo.

It was a privilege featuring on that production. I appreciate him for counting me worthy to play those roles. I am sure his father (Adebayo Salami, aka Oga Bello) would be very proud of him.

Being the son of a veteran is something to be excited about. The message from the movie is something we need now. The message of the film is resonating with the audience, in terms of our culture and tradition; and the way the country is being managed, particularly how the youths are being used against one another.”

Bukunmi also revealed that the red-hot on-screen chemistry she had with co-star Lateef Adedimeji was totally smoking, and added an irresistible spark to their performances.

People have been talking about the chemistry between me and Adedimeji. I believe that when two great actors work together, it is always exceptional and unique.

I have worked with him many times, and it was great working together again. In a particular scene, he kept crying even when the director said, ‘cut’” she said.



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