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Group: Officials from CAN pressed for the APC campaign list



According to Daniel Kadzai, the National Youth Leader of the Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians, on Friday, CAN has become a branch of the APC campaign council as a result of the acceptance of some key national officers of the Christian Association of Nigeria to serve in the Presidential Campaign Council of the All Progressives Congress.
Contrary to claims made by some individuals distancing themselves from the recruitment and claiming that they were not contacted, the information he had at his disposal showed that there was competition for PCC nominations, and some of them lobbied with cash to get their name on the list.
Former CAN (Youth Wing) National President Kadzai called on those who claimed not to be involved to go to court to clear their names.
The PUNCH had reported that there was a lot of tension in CAN after eight members who were against the Muslim-Muslim ticket suddenly showed up on the APC campaign council’s list.
Apostle Biodun Sanyaolu, CAN’s Assistant General Secretary, who was hired as Assistant Coordinator, was one of them.its polarizing chairman of Lagos State, Stephen Adegbite (a member);Comfort Chigbue, member; Director of Legal and Public Affairsand Testimony Onifade, the former personal assistant of Samson Ayokunle, the current CAN president (member).
Some more include:Personal Assistant to Victor Ivoke, a CAN member and the current President, Rev. Daniel Okoh;CAN Kwamkur Samuel (a member), the former Director of Legal and Public Affairs, and Prof. Para-Mallam (a member).
Despite the fact that the CAN officials’ terms of service will expire in ten days, sources claim that Samuel has applied for a second term.
The issue had continued to be discussed in numerous churches and WhatsApp groups of CAN leaders ever since the names were made public.
Kadzai said that the people who got into the APC campaign organization were there for their own money and not for the Body of Christ, despite calling the development embarrassing.
He added, “Therefore, I call on all political leaders to get across to genuine people who will consult with them in order to help them mobilize, rather than people who will come to lobby for the position;”And when they publish it, people begin to criticize it once they see it in the public eye.They hide and claim not to be aware of anything;Allow those who claim their names were smuggled onto that list to sue for damages.
“When one of the national executives of CAN called me this morning, he made it abundantly clear to me that there was some kind of competition within CAN for a spot on the APC presidential campaign council.A few of them tried to get their names on the list.Therefore, my issue is that everyone is free to select any political party.
“I am stating that there is an allegation that some of them lobbied; lobbying is not something you do for free; it is something you negotiate.A religious organization would not expect this type of leadership.
“We awoke to find the top national leaders of CAN on the list of members of the APC campaign council. Congratulations to APC for taking over CAN; as it stands, I must inform you that the CAN has become a branch of the APC campaign council.
The reason for this is that the Assistant General Secretary of CAN is in charge of overseeing the CAN-affiliated groups’ activities.He now serves on the campaign council as one of its members.The current Director of Legal and Public Affairs and the former Director of Legal and Public Affairs of CAN are here.One of them is her.
“He is a member of CAN, and we have the Personal Assistant of the current President.We have the former CAN President’s personal assistant, who is also a member.So, what other question do you have for me?The current chairman of CAN in Lagos State and former Director of National Issues stated that God would punish him if he did not campaign for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.I give him credit for that, so it’s clear that CAN is a part of the APC campaign team as well.Thanks to APC.
“We are familiar with those individuals who are joining CAN to elevate their status, their finances, and their personalities.
I worked with each of them; Nigerians are the ones who should decide whether or not they are acting in the name of Christianity.
“However, I must be completely sincere, the majority of these individuals who are using CAN to advance themselves into positions of authority do so merely because they are not in CAN to resolve the crisis that is engulfing Nigeria’s Body of Christ.
“They are not in CAN to address the problem of the church’s failure to evangelize,” “they are not in CAN to harmonise and unite the people of Nigeria, cut across religious line,” and “they are not in CAN to unite the Body of Christ that is currently disintegrating.”

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