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“CeeC is a nice person, but struggles with managing friendships” – Mercy Eke (Video)



  • Mercy Eke, 2019 BBNaija winner, discusses Ceec’s character during a chat.
  • Mercy describes Ceec as likable but struggling with maintaining friendships.
  • Ceec’s inability to manage friends noted as a potential defense mechanism.
  • Whitemoney agrees, emphasizes considering both feelings and compatibility in friendships.

Reality TV star Mercy Eke, who emerged as the winner of the 2019 BBNaija Pepper Dem season, opened up about her feelings towards her colleague and fellow housemate, Ceec.

During a chitchat with fellow contestants Doyin and Whitemoney, Mercy Eke offered her perspective on Ceec’s personality, describing her as a pleasant individual but with a notable drawback.

A photo of Mercy Eke.

Mercy Eke acknowledged Ceec’s amiable nature, highlighting her likable and affable qualities.

She expressed that Ceec is indeed a lovely person who enjoys social interactions and avoids solitude.

A photo of CeeC.


However, Mercy went on to mention that despite these positive attributes, Ceec struggles in the realm of interpersonal relationships, particularly when it comes to maintaining close friendships.

According to Mercy, Ceec seems to lack the ability to effectively manage the people she considers her friends.

She likened this behavior to a defense mechanism that Ceec might employ, possibly as a way to protect herself.

In Mercy’s words;

“The thing is, she’s a lovely person who doesn’t like staying alone but she doesn’t know how to manage the people she likes. It is like a defence mechanism.”

Whitemoney, another participant in the conversation, chimed in and echoed Mercy’s sentiments.

You cannot be friends with someone based on how you feel without considering the person as well,” Whitemoney said.

See below;

In other news, Whitemoney, a popular housemate known for his culinary expertise, has spoken out about the disrespectful behaviour exhibited by fellow contestant CeeC.

During a candid diary session with Biggie, Whitemoney disclosed the underlying cause of the ongoing tension between him and CeeC within the show.

Whitemoney expressed his dismay at CeeC’s recurring use of derogatory language when addressing him, despite his status as a titled man.



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