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The alleged release of 101 B’Haram terrorists has sparked controversy



The Kirikiri Medium Security Prison in Lagos State is said to have released at least 101 suspected Boko Haram terrorists.
The Foundation for Investigative Journalism, an online platform, claims that wardens at the facility let them out in exchange for the release of travelers who were kidnapped on March 28 in Kaduna.
According to the source, the released suspects had been waiting for their trial since 2009, and they were aware of the Kuje jailbreak before it happened.
Around 6 a.m., they secretly released 101 Boko Haram suspects.For a few months, the negotiations had been going on.Together, we used to pray.They spoke Hausa to me during prayers and informed me that they would be returning home by October.
They took control of the cell door early on Saturday morning and called them out.They had already returned their possessions.In the G3 cell, I used to talk with one Adamu.He has left this location.He has a long face and is tall and slim.
They informed me that negotiations and the pressure placed on Buhari by their sponsors led to their release.The source stated, “They felt they might not be granted amnesty if they didn’t get released before a new president, who might not be their tribesman, took the seat.”
The claim, on the other hand, was refuted by a prison official.
Based on their illegal detention without trial, the source stated that efforts to free the suspects were ongoing.
Because they have been held without a trial since 2009, there is an ongoing court procedure for their release.To the best of my knowledge, that procedure has not been completed in order for the inmates to be released,” he added.
As of the time this report was written, no response had been received from the Nigerian Correctional Service regarding the issue.

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