Diversifying C’River State economy for increased IGR

Ntufam Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu

Cross River State, the people’s Paradise could be compared to a sleeping giant awaiting awakening! She is a state with enormous untapped potentials. Potentials, which if well harnessed, could put her among the top five economically stable and viable states in the country. The onus therefore lies in her stewardship.

Firstly, Calabar is a port city and it is a well known fact that seaports attract high commercial activities. Lagos State for instance, draws a stupendous chunk of her IGR from her seaports.

Secondly, Cross River State is already well established as a tourism destination. She needs only a little rejigging for restoration. The tourism high points and hot spots could be maximized for high revenue generation. Countries like South Africa and Dubai are well known to generate and depend largely on the huge income from tourism.

Thirdly, the Southern part of our State, sits on the crude oil basin, holding large reserves of LNG, a highly sought after commodity.

Fourthly, Cross River plays host to the largest rainforest in Nigeria and by implication one of the most diverse fauna and flora in West Africa, a scientist’s delight. This could be harnessed to our advantage by partnering with Nat Geo Wild and other international wildlife channels or reserves.

Fifth, the lumbering (timber logging) industry if well coordinated through MOUs with international timber partners could fetch the State huge revenue.

The State also harbors Nigeria’s largest limestone and granite reserves, a money spinner by any account. The construction industries in the country rely heavily on these products.

There are numerous other natural mineral resources found abundantly in the entire length and breath of our state, yet to be fully tapped.

The cocoa industry in the state can single handedly attract billions of naira annually into our Treasury.

All these cannot just fall into our laps except through deliberate government interventions, good and purposeful governance and leadership.

There is no gainsaying the fact that we need a good, humble, honest and astute leader to be at the helm of affairs to pilot these actions. A servant leader more like!

Without equivocation, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, the steward of good governance and empowerment, with an unquestionable and unbeatable track record of integrity and good conscience can easily steer us towards economic prosperity. Ultimately, the state would effectively be disentangled from the shackles of her huge indebtedness. In addition and advantageously, we would be freed from total dependency on meagre Federal Allocation.

Cross River State could become a shining example of economic prosperity, a beacon of hope to other states in the new Nigeria of our dreams.

In the long run, it is expedient to make a wise decision and vote right. The future of our unborn generations depend on our choices today.

The right choice is the Sweet Prince for Governor, 2023.
Eme Tete for Sower

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