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2023: Peter Obi is mocked by Asari Dokubo during a campaign rally in Jos



Asari Dokubo, a former militant from the Niger Delta, has made fun of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate for president in 2023, for holding a campaign rally in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.
According to Akahi News, LP kicked off its campaign with a massive rally on September 28 at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium in Jos.
Dokubo criticized Obi and his supporters on Monday during a Facebook Live on his page for claiming that the Jos Stadium, which has a capacity of 15,000 people, hosted a 2 million-man match.
The former militant asserted that the LP flagbearer failed as governor of Anambra State and that Obi would not win the presidential election in 2023.
Dokubo, on the other hand, backed Bola Tinbu, the APC’s presidential candidate, as the next leader of Nigeria.
Declaring that he does not fear Obi’s supporters, he proceeded to display some AK-47 rifles.
He stated, “Two million-man match in a stadium with 15,000 seats?In a stadium with 15,000 people seated and a 2 million-man match?You individuals ought to stop lying.We’ll take it if you show us a stadium with 15,000 people in it.
Obi has no direction.This Obi movement of yours is a joke.Any rational person would never even consider proposing Obi as a candidate.presenting Obi, a man who lost in Anambra, as a candidate.The best Igbos can offer is nothing to show for it in Anambra.
I am sorry for Igbo people.You cannot abuse me if you talk about abusing others.I cannot be helped by you.I’ll go after you if you show up.I want Tinubu to win this election, and I don’t want Obi to finish third.Am I a coward?I’m here.”

Dokubo Dares Obi To Hold Rally In South East

The former militant challenged the former Governor of Anambra State to hold his campaign rally in the South East on Monday.

Dokubo, therefore, described Obi as a “scam” and tagged his supporters as “criminals”.

He said: “You are going about doing ‘Obidients’ in Lagos, in Port Harcourt, in Bauchi, in Kaduna, in Ibadan, but you cannot do ‘Obidient’ on Monday in Onitsha, in Awka, even in Obi’s liar’s village,”

“People are saying that ‘you hate Obi’, why will I hate Obi? I know that this man is a conman, is a scam. I know him before now. I have known Obi for more than 30 years. Ask Obi what he was doing in the 80s, at Kalabari, Cross Rivers State.

“There are certain things that are restraining us from coming out and bursting the whole bubble.

“So anybody that I see that is following Obi, I think the person should also be like Obi, a criminal.”


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