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Don’t issue a mining permit without first getting the chief’s blessing, Lands Minister



Samuel Abu Jinapor, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, has warned authorities that issue mining licenses against doing so without first consulting the Paramount Chief in that jurisdiction.
The fight against illegal mining is the goal of the new licensing system for small-scale mining.
Mr. Jinapor stated at a press conference on Thursday that the new regime will ensure that the Paramount Chief’s views in that jurisdiction are taken into consideration.
According to Mr. Jinapor, the Minerals Commission’s licensing procedures have been altered to place the chief at the center of the process.
He stated, “The President has directed that unless the Paramount Chief of that particular jurisdiction is formally consulted, no mining concession or license should be granted.”
The Lands Minister claims that President Akufo-Addo arrived at this conclusion in order to involve chiefs in the fight against “galamsey.”
He stated, “The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources is the person who has the final say in terms of who gets a licence or concession, but here we are talking about the involvement of traditional rulers, yet they don’t seem to have any central role to play in the processes leading to the grant of concession….”
Additionally, Mr. Jinapor stated that Metropolitan Municipal District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and Regional Ministers should not be formally consulted before granting a mining license.


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