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Drama as Actor Gideon Okeke tackles colleague Aisha Lawal for saying Yoruba movie practitioners own Nollywood



  • Aisha Lawal, the passionately spirited Yoruba actress, hurled forth the gauntlet with her resounding pronouncement that it is the Yoruba movie practitioners who reign supreme in the vast realm of Nollywood.
  • In a no-holds-barred interview, Aisha Lawal tackled the notion that the Yoruba entertainment sector is playing second fiddle to its English counterpart.
  • Her controversial statement clearly rubbed Gideon Okeke, her English Nollywood counterpart, the wrong way. He didn’t hold back, gave the actress a piece of his mind and unapologetically shared his own take on the issue.

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has tackled his colleague, Aisha Lawal over her statement that Yoruba actors and filmmakers ‘own Nollywood.’

Aisha Lawal turned up the heat during her interview with the Nigerian Tribune, where she delved into her part in the biographical film ‘Awujale’. When questioned about the Yoruba film scene’s struggle to measure up to the quality that streaming platforms crave, much like their English counterparts, Lawal didn’t mince words.

In response, she asserted that the Yoruba segment of the industry are not playing catch-up to English faction of Nollywood, they, in fact, own the industry. However, she boldly admitted that their  blunders had caused them to lag behind in producing films that streaming platforms would readily embrace.

We own the industry. Go back and research. The industry belongs to the Yoruba people. If you go back and research, you will understand what I mean from people like Hubert Ogunde and Ade Love.

“I don’t want to go into details. But, if you go and research very well, you will discover that Yorubas own this industry, we started this industry. We messed up at some point, but we are not playing catch-up. We are there already. Now, everybody wants to shoot a Yoruba movie,” she stated.

Reacting to the Aisha’s assertion, Gideon Okeke took to his Instagram page on Sunday and unleashed his criticism towards her bold statement.

Expanding on his viewpoint, he went on to elucidate that Nollywood isn’t the property of a singular tribe but rather a collective entity.

He underscored that any display of separatist behavior carries an air of misguided entitlement and ignorance.

Gideon wrote: “The Nigerian film industry, Nollywood as it is called, is not owned by the Yorubas. The Gold in the North of Nigeria is not owned by the Hausas. The oil in the south and South East is not owned by the Igbo or Riverine dwellers. The acronym WA-ZO-BIA is a wrapper that ties and joins us all, by the hip. One belle botton, stop being uber ridiculous with your blinded quest for individuality. Your separatist behaviour reeks of ignorant entitlement

Your Education(?) is Nothing, if it can’t impart a positive, inclusive change in the world around You. Spits —> TUEH! N O N E S E N S E.”



Aisha Lawal and Gideon Okeke’s differing viewpoints sparked an online spectacle among fans, igniting a passionate discussion.

Aisha’s perspective found resonance with many, who highlighted how figures like Late Hubert Ogunde from the Yoruba movie scene paved the path for the Nollywood industry we hold dear today.

Meanwhile, some enthusiasts noted that the trailblazing Legendary Pete Edochie was one of the pioneering forces that set the Nollywood movement in motion.

Others reiterated the notion that the genesis of this cinematic journey wasn’t limited to a particular tribe or individual, underscoring the collaborative endeavor that fueled its inception.




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