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Elumelu Unruffled Despite Social Media Attacks



Billionaire businessman and the Group Chairman, United Bank for Africa, Tony Elumelu, recently came under fire when pictures and videos of him meeting with the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, surfaced on the Internet. Tinubu had visited Elumelu in his home during the week.

However, despite the barrage of attacks on social media, Elumelu chose not to respond to any of them.

Posting the pictures and videos on Instagram, Elumelu wrote, “Last night, I was honoured to receive the Nigerian President-elect, Bola Tinubu, at my home. We discussed ways in which the incoming administration must empower and support our immensely talented Nigerian youth. We have so much young potential to unleash.”

The visit apparently did not go down well with some people, as they threatened to withdraw the money in their UBA accounts.

Reacting to Elumelu’s post, an Instagram user, Official Fabnation, wrote, “We are all disappointed in you. I am not looking up to anyone anymore.”

Another follower, Lexington Oke, wrote, “Tony is just a businessman and has to act neutral or play all sides. I get (the fact) that people are angry but for him, it is just business. People need to shun tribalism. There is no tribalism between these men at the top.”

On his part, Chukwu Ebuka, wrote, “Nobody should drag Tony. He is not the Independent National Electoral Commission Chairman or the court. He works with any government for the betterment of Nigeria.”

Amah Dennis wrote, “This people no rate us (don’t consider us important). They are all after their pockets. Know this and know peace.”

Dele Usthman added, “This has to be Elumelu’s worst public relations move till date. I have never seen his comments section this upset and disappointed.”

It is pertinent to note that over the years, Elumelu has been a staunch supporter of African youths. With his Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, he has supported several youth-owned businesses to achieve their full potential.

He is also known to be a caring husband and father, who despite his busy schedule, sets aside quality time for his family. He is also a lover of sports and fitness as well.

Source:- Punch Ng



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