Fayemi: In Ekiti, I completed all stalled projects

Dr. Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti State, has stated that his administration has paid the backlog of severance payments due to political office holders who served in the state between 1999 and 2022 and completed all of the abandoned projects it inherited from previous administrations.

Fayemi Kayode Fayemi

This was made clear by Governor Fayemi on Friday when he gave the State-of-the-State Address to the State House of Assembly as part of the celebrations to mark his retirement as governor of the state.
The governor maintained that his administration successfully laid a solid foundation and established an enduring socio-economic path for subsequent administrations to build on, despite the fact that he acknowledged that there was still a lot of development work to be done in the state.

He explained that his administration maintained its focus on fulfilling its promises in accordance with the five-point development agenda, which includes addressing the infrastructure deficit and developing the economy, restoring Ekiti’s values and dignity, and
Fayemi took advantage of the session, which was attended by high-ranking government officials, members of the State Executive Council and the State Assembly, and traditional rulers, to thank important stakeholders, such as his predecessors, his wife, the State Executive Council, legislators, judges, civil servants, development partners, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and a slew of others.

He also said that the Ekiti International Airport, which had been a dream come true, would open next week.
He went on to say that the airport is in the CAT-9 4E category and has a 3.2-kilometer runway that can accommodate large aircraft like Boeing 747-400s.
The governor, who was greeted with thunderous applause by the audience, talked about some of the administration’s accomplishments in the areas of social investment, the knowledge economy, and the development of infrastructure and industry.
He claimed that his administration constructed and renovated more roads and schools than all previous administrations put together.
In addition, he asked for support, prayers, and guidance for Biodun Oyebanji’s new administration in order to help him build on the successes of previous administrations.
Every aspect of our economy and social life received adequate attention from the government.Agriculture, water supply, social services, healthcare, education, and road construction were given the priority they deserved.
The journey that began on October 16, 2018, will soon come to an end.We made the most of the mandate that the people of Ekiti gave us, and there is ample evidence that our state and people have a bright future ahead of them.We promised to restore our people’s values and dignity, address infrastructure decay, and develop the economy when we took office.
“We are honored to bring you the following feedback because we have remained focused on the mission and have fulfilled our promises in accordance with our 5-point development agenda.

He explained, “Therefore, the JKF2.0 administration has bequeathed to the people of Ekiti a governing template that subsequent governments can own, improve upon, and deploy for the general well-being of our people.”
The Republican Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon.Funminiyi Afuye praised Governor Fayemi for keeping his promises and making Ekiti, which had been at its lowest point in terms of economic activity, a popular destination for investors and tourists as well as a place where people can work, live, and play.
The Speaker mentioned that the State House of Assembly thrived as a full-fledged arm of government under his administration with maximum cooperation and collaboration from the executive arms of government at the event, where Assembly members praised Governor Fayemi’s personality.

Source: Thestar

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