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Fayemi stresses the importance of the health system’s proper financing



Primary health care (PHC), according to Ekiti State Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi, is an essential component of all high-performing health systems. Proper health financing is critical to the health system.
This was said by Fayemi on Wednesday in Abuja at the State Health Leadership Collaborative forum, which was centered on the topic “Financing Primary Healthcare in Nigeria.”

Fayemi Kayode Fayemi

He stated that achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) required PHC as well.
The theme, according to Fayemi, who is also Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, touches on a topic that is essential to the foundation of sustainable development and the future of Nigerian health.
“Health financing is an essential component of the health system that has a direct impact on the system’s overall functionality.
“Nigeria will make little progress in our pursuit of Universal Health Coverage until we address the issue of poor funding for health and the fragmentation of the health financing arrangements in Nigeria,” Fayemi stated.
He asserts that the right to health is a recognized fundamental human right.
However, he stated, our nation has not yet been able to guarantee this right to all Nigerians due to the financing and delivery of the health system.
“The COVID-19 pandemic, which has revealed significant weaknesses in our health sector, particularly in primary healthcare, has further exacerbated this problem.
Countries with stronger primary health care systems are better able to respond, as we now know, according to Fayemi.
He stated that Nigeria must approach PHC financing in order to address the requirements for a responsive and high-performing health system and resolve the issue of financing PHC care.
He said that in order for the country to provide good service, it needed four key focuses.
He mentioned the four as the utilization of the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) to enhance the nation’s capacity to deal with public health emergencies and to finance essential health services, particularly for the most vulnerable.
According to Fayemi, other states are increasing healthcare budget allocations at the national and state levels and consolidating funding for primary care and essential public health functions.
He stated, “The final is the investigation of novel approaches to pooling funds for non-contributory healthcare coverage.”
Ekiti State Governor-Elect Biodun Oyebanji stated that the country could not achieve its objectives without the assistance of development partners to complement the country’s existing financing mechanisms.
Oyebanji stated that the nation would also require technical assistance to strengthen the tools and systems required to implement a robust PHC system.
He claims that Ekiti State has so far withdrawn 282,625,016 naira from the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) after meeting the eligibility requirements.
According to him, the Ekiti State Ambulance Service, the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (SPHCDA), and the Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme (EKHIS) were the channels through which the funds were directed.
Oyebanji claimed that the money had been used by the state to improve the PHC.
According to Dr. Muhammad Gana, the Commissioner of Health and Human Services for Yobe State, that was one of the three activities that were part of a state leadership collaborative that was run by the Nigeria Health Commissioners (NHCF).
According to Gana, the objectives of the activities were to investigate the issues associated with PHC financing and share, showcase, and highlight performance and accountability at the state level.
He claims that the forum will assist in investigating how Nigeria can fund primary health care (PHC) services, particularly for its poorest and most vulnerable populations.
He stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the requirement for standard and functional PHC at the subnational level.
According to Gana, “PHC is the most promising platform for providing basic essential preventive and promoteive health interventions among others.”


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