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Flood: As corpses float on water, fear grips the community in Bayelsa.



As bodies are seen floating on flood water, fear grips the Azikoro community in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state.
According to Akahi News, the community’s cemetery was the site of the exhumation of the bodies seen floating on the water.
Residents of the Azikoro community are in a state of panic and worry as a result of this because they are concerned that the chemicals used by the authorities to rebury the washed-up corpses could cause an outbreak of infections.
The chemicals used and the stench from decomposing bodies, according to an anonymous source in the area, posed serious health risks for residents.
After the floods, the source, who is a well-known politician, begged the government to move the cemetery from its current location because it is prone to flooding.
“May I call on the government to provide relief items for the residents and relocate the cemetery after the flood,” he requested.
In addition to the horrifying sight of the bodies, a variety of residents express their worries.
According to a resident who went by the name Ebi, seeing the bodies gave him goose bumps all over his body and made him feel like he was in a horror movie.
He stated, “The first was a casket with a corpse inside that was decaying.”After that, the third corpse with a wrapper close to the body and the second corpse without a casket emerged.
We were initially perplexed.We later got the idea that we should figure out how to get the bodies out of the cemetery and move them to a spot outside the cemetery that wasn’t as flooded as the graveyard.We did this, and a few people told the authorities.
The government officials arrived later and reburied the bodies.They then applied fog everywhere.
He claims that the incident has left him emotionally traumatized, and that seeing the bodies floating in the water has put a physical, emotional, and mental burden on him.
Angela Moses, another resident, stated that she still has visions of the incident.
She said that even though the bodies had been reburied, the smell of their decay still lingers in the air.
“I want to appeal to the government and relevant authorities to come to the aid of residents in whatever way possible,” Moses said in his request for the community’s residents to be evacuated.These are truly terrible times for us.We really need help.
Iselema Gbaranbiri, the state commissioner for the environment, confirmed that three floating bodies had been found at the scene.
According to Gbaranbiri, who is also the chairman of the Bayelsa Flood Management Committee, the bodies had been reburied and the environment had been adequately sprayed with fumigation.

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