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GEPA initiates a program to enhance exporters’ capabilities



The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has started the 2022 Annual Export School program in Kumasi to teach exporters the basics of export marketing and give them opportunities to network.

  • GEPA starts programme to build capacity of exporters

A variety of courses, including aspects of contracts and negotiations, participation in international trade, packaging, labeling, and branding, would be beneficial to participants of the five-day training.
The program follows the National Export Development strategy’s implementation.
Potential exporters, product associations, financial institutions, and senior and middle-level managers of export-oriented businesses and SMEs make up the GEPA export school.
Albert Kassim Diwura, the Authority’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), claims that the export school program will make the National Export Development Strategy easier to implement.
“The implementation of this strategy is not an accident.Apart from the sustainability, value addition, and creation of jobs, this is the value we all attach to export.
He stated, “We’ve also come to realize that if we embark on export, seriously, we are going to strengthen our economy and we are going to strengthen our cedi,” and “the rest would just be development.”
Building participant capacity, creating an environment that encourages participation, and expanding the supply chain are the three pillars upon which the strategy is built.
The first pillar talks about expanding the supply chain and, by extension, the product.In Pillar 2, the enabling environment is discussed.We have guidelines and standards for making exporting easier.
The third section discusses capacity development.Mr. Diwura stated, “This has to do with expertise that exporters ought to have before they can begin trading.”
He advised young people to seize the opportunity to investigate the export market.
“You can create your own jobs and even employ others if you have completed your education and believe that the government has a new job with export.
He continued, “Standards and things keep changing, so exporters may fall short in the future if you don’t have the capacity to meet the changing demands.”
Constance Boateng, the Assistant Commissioner of the Immigration Service, made it clear that the Service is prepared to assist exporters in their endeavors.
“If you come to us, we will help you through the process, showing you how to do it and what you need to get a Ghana passport.
“We are all over.Nearly all of our regions have information centers about migration.To engage potential travelers, these offices are open 24/7.He stated, “We are here to assist you.”
Melvin Bankhead, an entrepreneur who plans to export fruits to the United States, expressed his eagerness to complete the workshop.
He thinks that going to the workshop would give him a chance to learn the basics of exporting.
I’m currently attempting to ship Aidan fruit (Prekese) to the United States.I’ve done my research and found that the fruit has a lot of advantages.I want to be able to export what we have to the West.
“The purpose of attending this conference is to network, assist in bringing what we have here in the United States to the western world, and also to be able to surpass the market there.Being in the export industry is my first time.Because my background is in cyber-security, which is very different from export and import, I would like to learn a lot,” he stated.

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