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See How Google Honours the Independence of Nigeria



Google, a global tech company, joined Nigerians today to celebrate the 62nd Independence Day.
Nigeria’s proud green and white flag can be seen on Google’s page.
Goggle considers the nation to be the most populous in Africa and mostly celebrates the nation’s independence on a yearly nasis.
In honor of Nigeria, the Google Doodle read, “Nigeria Independence Day 2022” and “Nigeria Independence Day” today.Africa’s most populous nation gained independence from Great Britain on this date in 1960.
On Independence Day morning, the President of Nigeria gives a nationally televised speech to the general public, kicking off the celebrations.The green and white flag, like the one in today’s Doodle, is then raised while proud Nigerians sing the national anthem.Later on, in Abuja, the nation’s capital, the Nigerian Armed Forces march to the beat of pounding drums and perform military maneuvers.
The remainder of the day is spent by many Nigerians enjoying traditional meals with friends and family.Jollof rice, a prized Nigerian dish bursting with West African spices, would not be a proper celebration without chicken and plantains.Beaches are also a popular spot for picnics with the family, and after dark, they transform into outdoor clubs where the beat of Fuji music goes on.
Nigeria, happy Independence Day!

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