“How My Bestie Secretly Recorded My Video, Send It To My Parents” — Lady Narrates Heart Breaking Experience

How My Bestie Secretly Recorded My Video, Send It To My Parents” — Lady Narrates Heart Breaking Experience

The hardest betrayal a young woman had, came from her best friend, who secretly taped her video and send it to her parents.

In response to a thread inquiring about the worst friendship betrayal experiences, a Twitter user going by the username @Inimisioluwa used the social media site to share her traumatic experience.

Inimisioluwa claims that she was in the changing room when her closest friend secretly filmed her in a half-naked state in order to ruin her reputation for attracting all the boys.

What My Best Friend Did to Me

“From my best friend  It’s was 2018 during the World Cup, govern Sanwolu brought the World Cup love to Alimosho then, I was sick on the last match and my bestir came home to cheer me up and ask us to go swimming, I was a bit not fine but I went with her cos we were very close.

When we got to the pool, we both went into the change room and she brought out her new Tecno spark then and ask for a selfie, I was still half naked cos I had a bikini bra on with no pantries and I was trying to park my hair well before wearing my bikini pant.

Unknown to me she was recording me while I was combing my hair and dancing to this Burna boy song, Gba, she later told me not to swim again that day cos of my health and she bought me juice while I watch her swim, the next day I was in her house throughout and gusting about life.

Aftermath of Leaked Video to My Parents

Later on, my mom called me showing me the video that an unknown number sent the video to her phone, as a Muslim mother I was beaten to a pulp that day and I ran out crying to my bestie, told her somebody sent a video of me to my mom, she was crying and cursing the person.

I got suicidal and my father disowned me, my mom was the one that helped me pull through and I explained everything to her and told her I don’t know who did the video, she thought I did the video so I could send to my bf or something, I always cry and curse the person.

Finding Out About Leaked Video

3month later, one of my bestie came to me asking for forgiveness and I ask him what he did to me, he said my bestie did the video and sent it to him to send it to my mom cos my mom has her number saved and will know where it’s came from, she denied everything.

The guy showed us proof of chat and my mom got her arrested, she told the police that I once collected her Boyfriend and why is it that fine boys always ask me out and she didn’t get anyone to ask her out.

We released her and I have been so fucked up, I don’t trust anyone not even myself cos the girl broke me, she was my only friend and knows every details of my living, I left the area for a year plus but the stigma is still there.

I didn’t add the part that after they sent it to my mom, they sent it to Abesan news too, it’s was everywhere on WhatsApp and she will be the one to call me and tell me she saw it on different groups cos my mom seized my phone then and I didn’t have access to internet😥😥

I Became Suicidal

My dad always call me every day to curse me, say hurtful words, I zero my mind and decide to take sniper cos the embarrassment was a lot and my mom cleared the house from anything poisonous and lock me in my room, without anything to hurt myself and no phone.

I remember tying 3to 4 scarf together to hang myself but my celling fan was too weak, I tried to kill myself multiple times, they called different Alfa to come preach to me and my mom drove me to the hospital to see what people are going through.

They showed me a woman that was half dead cos she took poison and the poison didn’t kill her and she was begging to be saved, I was taken to morgue to see young girls and boys that died 😭😭 I am so grateful to my mom cos she redeemed me.

I remember drinking nail dissolver, swallowing a black soap, maybe it’s will gradually destroy my organs, I just wanted to die that time, omooo Iya mi is my gold and silver, he thought of it now makes me want to live, enjoy and be loved.

I was still friends with her when everything played out and she was the one encouraging me to turn deaf ear to everyone, she took me in when my mom beat me to a pulp and she was the one begging my dad and mum to forgive me, it’s was when the guy confessed, I knew I trusted a snake.”


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