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How my sudden fame put me in bad mental state – Omah Lay



  • Popular Nigerian singer, Omah lay shares his experience with fame
  • The singer reveals how his sudden fame affected his mental health
  • He speaks on how he was able to heal and deal with the struggles that comes with fame

Popular Nigerian musician, Stanley Omah Didia, a.k.a Omah Lay, shares his experience with sudden fame and how it affected his mental health.

A photo of Omah lay

The musician revealed this during a recent Afrobeats Podcast interview with media personality Adesope Olajide.

Recounting his initial struggles with fame before getting used to it, Omah Lay stated that in order to cope, he had to move at his own pace, taking things one step at a time.

In his word:

At first I struggled, and it put me in a bad mental state because I was still trying to learn my ways.

“However, with time, I got comfortable and learned that I should move at my own pace.

“As soon as I realised that, I became much stronger and began to enjoy my life more.

“If I can put my vulnerabilities in my song, then I can talk about them. My music is all about my real life experiences, and I know the world is listening to it.”

In another story, Omah lay reveals that He was in so much pain when he wrote Soso

In a recent interview with Hey Steph TV, the sensational Afrobeats artist shared the tumultuous circumstances that led to the creation of the poignant song.

Omah Lay disclosed that “Soso” was written during a period when his life seemed to be falling apart, leaving him bewildered and unable to comprehend his situation.

He expressed the immense difficulty he faced in articulating the reasons behind his pain.

During the interview, the talented musician shed light on the profound personal turmoil that served as the foundation for the heartfelt lyrics of “Soso.”

He said:

I was in pain, so much pain, when I was writing this song. I was just in a place where I was losing my mind. 



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