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I am unable to confirm or deny whether I would run for NDC flagbearer – Mahama.



According to former President John Mahama, he has not decided whether he will lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC), an opposition party, in the upcoming elections in 2024.
He stated in an interview with the Voice of America (VOA) that it would be premature for him to declare his intentions because the party has yet to make that decision in 2023.
He asserts, “Even if I am not running, I am not going to say I am not running because it is good to keep your opponent guessing.”
“A decision would be made in the first quarter of next year;That’s when we’d hold our party’s presidential primary, and then we’d see,” he added.
Mr. Mahama stated in an earlier interview with Uganda-based NBS television that he would not have any issues if the NDC did not select him to be the flagbearer in 2024.
The party makes the call.Why wouldn’t I, if the party thinks I should carry the flag?I have been given so much, educated, and shaped by my country.If I have to, I will not deny the people that choice; therefore, it depends on what the party believes is best for us.
“It’s to win the election in 2024, and if we have to have a candidate other than me, I don’t mind,”
He continued, “it is not about concealing my interest, but it is ensuring that the democratic space is preserved and that political party alternatives do exist.”

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