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“I don’t want to be linked to the Edochie family anymore” – Sarah Martins apologizes to Rita/May Edochie



  • Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins pens an apology note for May Edochie, Rita Edochie, and all other parties involved for constantly meddling in Yul’s family saga.
  • Realizing her wrongs, the actress noted that she no longer wants to be associated with the Edochie family, adding that henceforth, she’s out to run her business alone.

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins expresses a sincere and heartfelt apology to all parties involved in the Edochie family saga as she formally withdraws from intervening in their affairs.

This decision follows allegations against Sarah of orchestrating negative comments and plots of death against Yul and May Edochie’s daughter, Danielle which subsequently triggered a cascade of criticisms.

In a fresh turn of events, the actress has taken the initiative to apologize for the distress her actions caused to the Edochie family. This resolution stemmed from the counsel provided by media personality Daddy Freeze who advised her to maintain a neutral ground on Yul’s marital saga.

Severing her involvement in the Edochie family matters, Sarah Martins conveyed her sincere apology, she wrote:

“I want my sanity and peace of mind!

So on this note, I no longer want to be associated with the Edochie’s family drama 🎭

On my lane henceforth 🥂

To Queen May and her entire family, I am sorry for all the emotional stress I must have caused you with my utterances and tantrums 🙏

To Rita Edochie, I am sorry for insulting you out of anger yesterday 🙏

To the fans of May, please accept my apology and let peace rein 🙏

I do not have anything against May and will never do🙏
To my fans and well wishers, I am sorry if this post do not seat well with you please forgive me in advance 😭🙏

I just want to grow my brand with love and positivity 🙏
Support my brand and take me as your own 😭🙏 “

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