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I friend-zoned my husband for over one year – Adesua Etomi



  • Actress Adesua Etomi gives relationship advice, speaks on how she met her husband and how they ended up married
  • Adesua revealed that she had friend-zoned her husband when they met because she needed to hear clearer from God and to be convinced that he was truly the will of God for her

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi revealed that she friend-zoned her now-husband, popular Nigerian singer, Banky W for over a year before they started dating.

The actress revealed this during a sermon on Sunday at the Waterbrooks Church in Lagos.

According to her one of the reasons she “friend-zoned” him was because she needed to hear from God and to be quite sure she was doing the right thing.

She stated that the decision of making her now-husband a friend before accepting to marry him made their relationship stronger and strengthened their bond, making them understand each other perfectly.

In her words:

“I would like to say that friendship plays a very big role in laying the foundation of your relationship. I friend-zoned my husband for a year and half [laughs].

“I friend-zoned him for two reasons. One, I wasn’t sure that I have heard from God about whether this person was actually my person. Actually, three reasons. Second, marrying Banky W [laughs]. I was like, ‘my life on my own is chaotic enough, I would now marry Banky? No, no, no.’

“And then thirdly, just trying to at least have a friendship. And I honestly believe that the friendship we laid over a year and half has played a very big role in how our relationship is today. Banky W is my guy. I mean if you take away romance and sex and everything that makes a marriage, he would still be my guy. Banky is my best friend.”

Banky W inferred: “No, leave sex. Don’t take it away [laughs].”

The couple got married in 2017 in a star-studded wedding that took place in Lagos, Nigeria and welcomed their first child Hazaiah in 2021



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