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“I left when I heard their plan to kill Mohbad on Sunday” – Naira Marley’s female artist, Tori Keeche open up



  • Female artist Tori Keeche, associated with Naira Marley’s record label, reveals knowledge of an alleged plot to harm Mohbad. 
  • Tori Keeche said she left the record label upon overhearing discussions of harm against Mohbad.
  • Tori Keeche denies direct involvement in any sinister plans but claims to have knowledge of the alleged plot.
  • After speaking out, Tori Keeche alleges she and her family faced threats and mistreatment from the Marlians, associated with Naira Marley.

A female artist, Tori Keeche affiliated with Naira Marley’s record label, has come forward to disclose her knowledge of an alleged plot to harm fellow artist Mohbad.

Taking to her Instagram story, Tori Keeche revealed that she had recently left the record label after overhearing conversations about plans to harm Mohbad during his concert in Ikorodu.

Tori Keeche speaks out on alleged plot to kill Mohbad
Marlians female artist, Tori Keeche

The Instagram story, which has since been widely circulated on social media, detailed how Tori Keeche had faced severe backlash and accusations from the public, blaming her for her involvement in the alleged plot to harm Mohbad.

She vehemently denied any direct involvement in any sinister plans and stressed that her decision to leave the record label was driven by her moral objections to the activities she discovered within the team.

According to Tori Keeche, her decision to distance herself from the label came after she stumbled upon conversations involving Naira Marley and members of the team discussing a plan to harm Mohbad during his concert on a Sunday night in Ikorodu.

She did not provide specific details regarding the alleged plot but insisted that she had no active role in it.

Tori Keeche further revealed that her departure from the record label was met with threats and mistreatment from members of the Marlians.

She claimed that her decision to speak out and distance herself from the alleged plot had led to threats against her and her family.

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In other news, A leaked audio recording has surfaced online featuring Mohbad’s father passionately defending controversial Nigerian artist Naira Marley amid allegations of his involvement in the demise of his late son, Mohbad.

This incident marks the second time that Mohbad’s father has come forward to support Naira Marley.

The leaked audio, which has since gone viral on social media, captures a heartfelt conversation between Mohbad’s father and an unidentified individual, where he vehemently denies Naira Marley’s involvement in his son’s tragic death.



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