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“I never wanted to sleep with Naira Marley” – Mandy Kiss clears air on why she drew artist’s face on body



  • Instagram influencer Mandy Kiss addresses her tattoo of Naira Marley’s face.
  • She refutes claims that the tattoo was an attention-seeking stunt.
  • Mandy explains she tattooed Naira Marley’s face to express her fandom and admiration.
  • She emphasizes that she has no personal relationship with Naira Marley.

Popular Instagram influencer, Mandy Kiss, recently took to social media to address the speculations surrounding her decision to tattoo the face of Nigerian singer Naira Marley on her body.

Contrary to rumors that suggested she did it for attention from the artist, Mandy explained that her motivation was simply to express her fandom and admiration for Naira Marley.

Mandy Kiss clarifies her Tattoo of Naira Marley's face
Mandy Kiss.

Mandy Kiss emphasized that she wanted to catch the attention of Naira Marley as a dedicated fan, not with any ulterior motives.

She clarified that she has no personal relationship with the artist and has never been close to him.

She stated that her intention was solely to demonstrate her support and admiration for his work.

In her words;

“I dunno why y’all ranting. Shey a me go b the first person wey go tattoo person for body ni. I’m his fan then and I appreciate him by having his face on my body lol…I don’t know anything about him…We ain’t close so how will I know he’s this or that?”

See below;


In similar news,  Influencer, Mandy Kiss has recently opened up about her decision to remove the tattoo of her celebrity crush, Naira Marley, from her thigh while addressing the controversy surrounding her choice to cover the singer’s face with a flower design.

Taking to her Instagram story, Mandy Kiss shared a reflective note, discussing her personal growth and transformation as an individual.

She acknowledged that she is no longer the same person she used to be, emphasizing that change is an inherent part of life, regardless of the significance of certain situations or people.



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