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“I will introduce a bill that will make it mandatory for autopsy to be done before burial” Ned Nwoko



  • Billionaire businessman and politician Ned Nwoko shows interest in the on-going movement for the late young singer, Mohbad
  • Mohbad had died leaving traces of being severally abused by his record label
  • His sudden death and the circumstances surrounding it, has prompted Nigerians to call for justice for him, pointing out that his body be dug for thorough autopsy to be carried out
  • Ned Nwoko speaking on the matter supported the notion, stating that he would make it a point of duty to introduce a bill that will require mandatory autopsy before a person will be buried 

In the midst of chaos and controversies surrounding the death of Mohbad, Nigerian politician and business man, Ned Nwoko, has announced his intentions to introduce a bill that will make it mandatory for autopsies to be conducted before a person is buried.

The bill, which Nwoko has dubbed as “the Autopsy Bill”, aims to address the issue of inaccurate or unjustified cause of death declarations on death certificates, as well as the prevalence of suspicious deaths in the country that often go uninvestigated.

The proposed bill is expected to create a legal framework that will ensure that every deceased individual undergoes an autopsy before being laid to rest.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote:

“I will introduce a bill that will make it mandatory for an autopsy to be done before a person is buried.”

The unfortunate and untimely death of mohbad has raised many issues that should be addressed promptly. The circumstances of his de th and the cause of de th should not be left to speculations. The police and the dss should wade in immediately but more importantly the state government should order for an autopsy report without further formalities.

This should have been done and report to the station for clearance before he was bried. As a matter of fact I hope to introduce a bill that will make it mandatory nation wide for an autopsy to be done within a specific time before anyone is b ried and the cost. of such reports must be paid by the governments. (Local governments and states) The cause of deth of anyone should not be left to the wild imaginations of people. The innocent should be protected and the guilty pushed. Situations like this gives rise to new laws for the good governance of the country.“

The decision is being made in light of recent reports that Mohbad’s body may be exhumed in order to conduct a thorough autopsy.

Many believe that his untimely death may have been caused by reasons other than natural causes, which necessitates a careful examination.



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