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Ilebaye wins the ultimate Head of House on Big Brother Naija All Stars.



  • As the all stars season is almost coming to an end, Ilebaye wins the ultimate head of house game
  • The housemates were given a game which tested their endurance abilities to the highest level
  • The other eight housemate gave up before the time, making Ilebaye the last one standing
  • Ilebaye after winning, chose Mercy, CeeC, Angel and Venita as her BFF

After an intense competition , BBNaija all stars housemate, Ilebaye finally emerges as the ultimate head of house.

The housemates were given a game that put their endurance talents to the ultimate test. The remaining nine housemates were asked to balance in one position on a perilous platform for three hours.

The situation became more complicated when Big Brother instructed the top three contestants, Pere, Angel, and Ilebaye, to take one of their legs off the platform.

Cross got tired and came down, the last two standing ( Angel and Ilebaye) were asked to take off one hand from the platform.

Ilebaye triumphed with a record of more than two hours on the platform, taking Cross’ place as Head of House for the ninth week.

A photo of Ilebaye

She chose Angel, Mercy, Cee-C, and Venita as her BFFs despite having unresolved issues with some of them.

In another story, WITHIN NIGERIA recalls Moment Ilebaye stopped Mercy Eke from kissing Pere because of Whitemoney 

Saturday night’s rave is no stranger to fiery emotions, yet last night witnessed the most unexpected display of passion.

Mercy Eke sent shockwaves through the house as she surprised Pere with not one, but two steamy kisses – one during the Saturday night rave and another afterwards.

These kisses were a shocking twist because Mercy Eke and Whitemoney, lovingly dubbed WhiteLambo by fans, had been at the epicenter of sizzling romance speculation recently.

During the Saturday night rave, Mercy Eke was a whirlwind of energy, dancing across the floor, and effortlessly moving between Pere and Whitemoney.

She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the party, sharing her drink with the guys, and eventually sharing a passionate kiss with Pere, which appeared to be a bit of a surprise.

As the night went on, Pere openly admitted to Mercy Eke that the kiss had quite an impact on him, making him feel a bit unsteady. Mercy Eke then touched Pere’s private part and suggested they discuss his feelings.

A video showed the moment Mercy tried to kiss Pere, but Ilebaye pulled them apart because Whitemoney walked in.



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