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‘I’ll Never Allow Myself Be Bullied Into Believing I Don’t Fit Conventional Beauty Standards’ – Kechi Okwuchi



Kechi Okwuchi, a Sosoliso plane crash survivor, has stated that she will not be coerced into thinking that her appearance makes her less valuable.
According to Akahi News, the singer mentioned this in a tweet that she posted along with a brand-new picture.
A former America’s Got Talent contestant stated that the fact that she does not meet society’s standard for beauty will not diminish her self-esteem.
Kechi Okwuchi went on to say that because everyone’s opinion of her is rightfully theirs, it does not lower her value because she deserves to be heard.
She penned:I will never allow myself to be coerced into thinking that I am less than because I don’t meet conventional beauty standards.
Although your perception of me is legitimately yours, it has no bearing on my value.I should have a place in this world!Do we all?


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