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In Kaduna, a man found inside a room who had been locked up for 20 years.



On Wednesday, environmental officers came across a man who had been imprisoned for twenty years in the center of Kaduna’s Benin Street.


On Wednesday, the middle-aged man’s discovery by environmental officers shocked them greatly, they told reporters.
Their spokesperson, who requested anonymity, made the following observation: “Today we came to this house in search of beverages that were typically kept in residential houses without proper storage facilities when we saw a naked man locked up in a room.”
He was in an uncomfortable position, as we discovered.The stench that came from the room was too much to bear.
“We broke the room later and brought him out.He was acting like a dog.At that point, we discovered that he had been confined to the room for twenty years.
He was also fed in the room, as we discovered.In the same room, he passes his feces and urinates.
He was later taken away by the Magaji Gari police, who are located in the center of Kaduna Central.


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