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SEND Ghana advises the government to invest more in welfare programs to end child poverty



The advocacy group SEND Ghana has urged the government to release budgets on time so that relevant child protection policies can be effectively implemented.
It believes that this will “boost the country’s human capital development” and help eradicate child poverty.
According to a statement released on Monday, October 17, to commemorate International Day for the Elimination of Poverty, the government must alleviate extreme poverty and hunger and expand access to essential social services.
According to SEND Ghana, expanding key social protection interventions to all eligible beneficiaries is one surefire way to eradicate poverty in the nation.
In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 1), “we believe a concerted effort is required now, more than ever, to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.”
The statement that was signed by Dr. Emmanuel Ayifah, the Deputy Country Director of SEND Ghana, pleaded, “We are asking the government to increase investment in child protection and welfare programs and ensure timely releases of budgets for smooth implementation of relevant child policies.”
According to the World Bank, approximately 25.5 percent of Ghana’s population is living in poverty, with 9.6 percent experiencing extreme poverty, most of whom live in rural areas.Even more troubling than this is the issue of child poverty.
In Ghana, approximately 73.4% of children are classified as multidimensionally poor, experiencing at least three or more deprivations simultaneously.
“We also urge the government and Parliament to expedite the Social Protection Bill’s enactment in order to simplify the financing and delivery of social protection.
Finally, “it is our ardent hope that the discussions will seek to boost social spending and thus protect the vulnerable while creating conditions for an inclusive growth,” as the government is currently discussing support for an economic reform program with the IMF.
SEND Ghana is of the opinion that poverty and inequality can be reversed with strong political will from those in authority, despite the fact that they are not inevitable.

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