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Minister: Iron ore is discovered in the Oti Region



The discovery of iron ore in the Region has been made public by Joshua G. Makuba, the Minister of the Oti Region.
He told the media on Sunday that finding iron ore will change the country’s economy.

He stated, “I want to advise people in Accra to start looking for land in the Oti Region because the iron ore has been found in the Oti Region and is going to take Ghana from our current state to a very industrialized nation.”
As per him, the revelation has been made in more prominent amounts by the Ghana Coordinated Iron Mineral Advancement Enterprise in a joint effort with the Topographical Help Division.

He went on to say that the iron ore was discovered in the Oti Region’s Guan, Biakoye, Jasikan, Kajebi, and Krachi districts.
Iron ore discoveries have been made in districts and towns.
The iron ore has not yet been mined, Mr. Makuba stated.He explained that this is because the resource’s quantity is being estimated.

He stated, “At this point, technical people will call it mineral resource estimation to get the actual tonnage available on the land.”
The Oti Regional Minister noted that private investors have already committed funds to the natural resource’s development, despite estimates being made to determine the quantity.

Iron ore discovered in Oti Region - Minister

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