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Shakira writes in a cryptic message, “It hurt”



Shakira made a cryptic post on her Instagram page a few months after footballer Gerard Pique left her for a younger woman.
Shakira posted a bizarre video about her suffering on October 8 to her Instagram feed.In the video, a man can be seen trampling on a human heart while walking through a crowded area in black dress shoes.

Shakira wrote the following on her Instagram page:It hurt because I never said anything.I anticipated this to occur.
the couple who have two children;Sasha and Milan started dating in 2010, but they broke up a couple of months ago.
There were rumors that money issues were the reason they split up.

Guardians reports that Garcia, an ex-boyfriend of one of Shakira’s sisters, claims that Pique approached Shakira about giving him a loan so he could use the money to invest in other businesses, but the children’s mother turned it down because her parents had warned her not to.


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