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Fifi Kwetey: It is sheer wickedness to put political party over nation.



A candidate for General Secretary in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says that a political party’s interests should never be equated with the nation’s.
Fifi Kwetey said on Wednesday in an interview with Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen, “It is wicked to place the interests of a political party above the interests of the nation.”
“Unfortunately, the current state of our politics is deteriorating into a dangerous and wicked situation in which individuals prioritize the party over the nation.He stated, “It is wicked to the children, generation to come.”
“Somehow, the political maneuvering that is taking place in the nation at the moment has reached a point where people believe that in order to be a party man, one must not be a patriot, implying that there ought to be a conflict between the interests of the party and the things that are beneficial to the country.I strongly disagree, and I will strongly disagree with anyone, NPP or NDC, who thinks that way,” he continued.
He asserts that citizens with such mentalities pose a threat to the stability of the nation.
He explained that this is due to the fact that “political parties are supposed to be the vehicles for the well-being of the nation, not the other way around.”
Consequently, the former Transport Minister and NDC Propaganda Secretary stated that a political party should cease operations in the country if it cannot be a force for development.


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