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JUST IN: Catholic Removes Fr. Mbaka From Adoration Ministry



Rev. Fr., a well-known priest in the Catholic Church,According to Akahi News, Ejike Mbaka has been removed from his position as head of the Adoration Ministry Enugu.
However, on October 2, the Church lifted the restriction and permitted Mbaka to resume worship.
According to information obtained by Akahi News, Fr. Mbaka has recently been transferred to a monastery rather than the Adoration Ministry.
Fr. Mbaka’s followers have since issued a torrent of responses as a result of the Church’s action.
Fr. has reportedly been replaced by the church.Mbaka and another priest from the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Rev. Fr., were at the Adoration Ministry.Amadi Anthony
The development was unfortunate, according to a senior ministry official who confirmed the Daily Post posting.
He claims that “the Bishop has been trying to take over the Adoration Ministry all along.”However, I can assure you that there will be no priests who succeed.As long as FatherMbaka is not there, and no one will worship there.
This will result in chaos.It would be unthinkable to make such a harsh decision.We, the worshippers, will never accept a different priest.
“Fr.Mbaka endured hardship and worked alone to build that location.Through the backyard, they have now shrewdly taken over the location.Let’s see how they perform.
Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christain Church of God (RCCG), prayed for Nigeria on Sunday as the nation celebrated its 62nd Independence Day.
The well-known clergyman said in a sermon at the church’s national headquarters that Nigeria is in war and that Nigerians shouldn’t fool themselves.
Adeboye, who spoke on the subject of “PEACE IN THE LAND,” urged Christians from all over the country to pray for Nigerian politicians, traditional rulers, and public officials.
Adeboye mentioned the difficulties Nigeria faces and noted that despite the numerous failures of the country’s power grid—the National Grid—there was always light in the Aso Rock Villa.
The gospel preacher went on to complain about Nigeria’s growing unrest and recalled how a state governor was nearly killed by bandit terrorists.
Governors ought to have access to security whenever we discuss it.However, Adeboye pointed out, “someone who is surrounded by security guards could not freely go to his farm.”
I recently inquired about the cost of a flight from Lagos to Abuja, and I was informed that it would cost approximately N280,000.
I yelled because I recall it being approximately N67,000 some time ago.Adeboye stated, “But I was informed why the price went up.”
At the conclusion of his sermon, Pastor Adeboye prayed for complete peace in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.


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