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Kiekie, a comedian, shows the face of her husband

The Nigerian comedian and cum actress Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, more commonly referred to as Kiekie, has revealed the face of her husband, Tunji Ilori, to her fans and followers.
Keep in mind that Kiekie showed the world her growing baby bump.The radiant mother uploaded a video to YouTube that showed her growing a baby while she dedicated a new song to her son.
Kiekie revealed that her child’s name was Oluwashonaolami while dedicating the song.In the song, she prayed for her child to grow up without stress and lead a happy and fulfilled life.The young actress dedicated her song to the Akinpelu Girls.
On her verified Instagram page, Kiekie expressed her joy at expecting a child.
“Look at who will become a mummy.
I’ve never fallen outside in rain before!One tiny bayi drizzle!I gave birth, Danu Danu!”
After this, Kiekie surprised a lot of people with stunning images from her maternity shoot and held a lovely baby shower in the United States for her friends and family.
Kiekie showed pictures from the event and showed the face of her husband, Tunji Ilori, which had been hidden from the public since she got married.
Fans of Kiekie were thrilled to learn who was the man behind her undeniable glow.
In her caption, the expecting mother extolled her husband’s lovely qualities.
“One day, I wanted to make a threat to this man!I inquire how many children you have.He says 2, which is how I know everything is over!1st piece of evidence, @shonaola_ilori!
“At least all those people beating themselves up on the blogs will now rest after seeing Shonaolami’s dad!!!” Taiwo Adeyemi wrote, “What’s our family without you?”
“Slide 3… freaky mummy and daddy Shona,” wrote King Pexxie.
“Bruh Tunji be serving Rich daddy, Aunty Bukunmi be giving Emi Oga plus freaky rich mummy vibe,” one Bespoke wrote.
“I’m just imaging the kind of joy your husband is feeling Kiki the joy giver Congratulations maa kiki,” one Vians wrote.


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