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Kwara:After a heavy downpour, a car and two dead bodies were found



On Saturday, the Kwara state Fire Service found two bodies and a Toyota Yaris in a river near Olusola Saraki Abattoir on Sobi Road in Ilorin.
In a statement, Hassan Adekunle, the service’s Head of Department for Media and Publicity, said that after residents were informed on Friday, the operation was carried out with their support.
In addition, he advised the general public not to drive in heavy rain.
Adekunle cited the vehicle’s registration number as Lagos APP544E, noting that “the victims were struggling to drive through the bridge and suddenly got stuck in the flood which pushed them into the river.”
He stated, “Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, Director of the Kwara State Fire Service, has therefore urged the general public to avoid driving whenever there is heavy rainfall.”
In the meantime, a man named Lanso Ogundele was given a life sentence by a Federal high court in Abeokuta on Friday for sexually abusing a girl who was seven years old.
T.O. Adeyemi, a Senior Counsel for the state Prosecution, told the court during the trial that the convict committed the crime in the Olugbo area of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun in September 2018.
According to the defense, the offender, who lives next door to the victim’s parents, sent the girl on an errand while they were out of town.
He stated, “The convict lured her into his room and forcefully had intercourse with her” when the victim returned to deliver the message.
According to Adeyemi, the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment, where a medical report showed that the victim had been abused sexually.

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