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Kwara Medical Director Arrested For Alleged Murder Of Two Ladies



Dr. Adio Adeyemi Adebowale, chief medical director of Kaiama General Hospital in Kwara State, has been taken into custody by the police on suspicion of the alleged murder of two women.

Adio was detained in connection with the alleged murders of Ifeoluwa (f), who was reported missing in the Tanke area of Ilorin in 2021, and Nofisat Halidu in Kaiama, Kwara State’s Kaiama Local Government Area.
On Sunday, Okasanmi Ajayi, the State Police Command’s spokesman, announced the news in Ilorin.
He stated that the new Police Commissioner, Paul Odama, ordered the investigation into the cases to begin on Saturday. The investigation only resumed a few weeks ago after the State’s citizens discovered some petitions.
In the case of Ifeoluwa, who was reported missing at Tanke, her body was later found on a bush in the Alapa area of Ilorin, where the suspect, Dr. Adio, reportedly dumped it.
“A particular matter that struck the new CP, was the reported case of one missing lady by name Nofisat Halidu (f), in Kaiama on 21/11/2021,” Okasanmi stated.
He stated that before he took office, a powerful investigation team in the State CID led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police was mandated to solve the kidnapping mystery and other unsolved cases.
According to Okasanmi, “Working on a lead provided by Dr. Adio Adeyemi Adebowale, in Edo State, confirming he killed one Ifeoluwa (f), who was declared missing at Tanke area of Ilorin, the investigation led the team to Kaiama General Hospital where the suspect’s office was forced opened.”
A cursory examination of the workplace revealed the suspicious presence of newly bonded floor tiles;The tiles were curiously broken, and a bloody spot welcomed the detectives.
“Behold, a decomposing body of an unknown female was lying inside the shallow grave.”
The spokesman went on to say that “a further search of the office led to the opening of a trash can where another body of a lady later identified as the earlier reported missing Nofisat Halidu (f) identified by the husband, oner Halidu and other members of the community present at the scene during the search.”
Other items found in the detained doctor’s office, according to Okasanmi, include:two female handbags, a female wig, veil, and female pants were discovered in the doctor’s drawer, as were two telephone handsets that were in the handbag of one of the women.
According to the spokesman, “the Kwara State Police Commissioner, Paul Odama, contacted the Edo State police command in furtherance of the investigation into the matter requesting for the release of the suspect to the Kwara State Police Command to answer some questions regarding discoveries in his office.”

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