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Bogoso Prestea’s female miners launch the RISE campaign against breast cancer



In their immediate workplace, the ladies’ wing of Future Global Resource (FGR) Bogoso Prestea Limited has launched a breast cancer awareness campaign.
The campaign, which is called “RISE,” aims to educate men and women about the dangers of breast cancer, since October is known as “Pink Month” around the world.
RISE, which stands for “Rally in Supporting Everyone,” “Rally in Screening Everyone,” and “Rally in Serving Everyone,” is the campaign’s theme for this year.
Madam Primilla Osei, President of the Ladies Club of FGR, stated that they have established some activities to raise awareness since they have joined the rest of the world in the fight against breast cancer.
She stated that a week of education, screening, and empowerment for breast cancer awareness would be held in the second week of October, and a men’s prostate cancer health screening would be held in the third week of October.
“We will also have a prostate exam for our men because we should also be looking out for healthy breasts.She stated, “This is to ensure that we all live happily and in good health.”
Madam Osei once more said that a fundraiser would be held to raise money for the campaign and asked everyone in Bogoso and Prestea with good intentions to donate to it.
She stated that they would conclude the month with physical activities like aerobics to encourage staff and community members to exercise and live well.
Premier Specialist Hospital would be the partner in the health screening.

Lady miners in Bogoso Prestea launch RISE campaign against Breast Cancer


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