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The Lands Minister reiterates the government’s dedication to the “galamsey” battle



The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources has reiterated that the government will continue to implement new measures and approaches to combat the threat posed by illegal mining.
Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor stated that the government will not let up until the “galamsey” battle is finally won, despite the difficulty and complexity of controlling the situation.
He explained that the call to citizens and stakeholders to join the fight against illegal mining does not imply that the government is abdicating its responsibilities in any way.
“We will require the support and cooperation of stakeholders in the country in order to deal with illegal small-scale mining, but it is the government’s responsibility to deal with all other major issues in our country.
He stated, “This is why the President found it necessary to engage the National House of Chiefs and to call upon them to continue to support the government in its efforts to clamp down on illegal small-scale mining on the 5th of October, 2022.”
Operation Halt II The Military High Command has been given a “comprehensive list” of all licensed small-scale mining companies in the country.
According to Mr. Jinapor, it is one of the new measures implemented by the Operation Halt II team to ensure that illegal mining in forest reserves and water bodies ceases.
Mr. Jinapor emphasized at a press conference on Thursday, October 13, that this new venture will be long-lasting and will continue “until we get to a satisfactory situation with respect to illegal small-scale mining.”
We have provided the Military High Command with a comprehensive list of all licensed and legal small-scale mining operations throughout the nation.Therefore, we formally submitted it to the Minister of Defense prior to their relocation for subsequent submission to the Military High Command.
He stated, “As they [soldiers] are in the field, they have the records of licensed small-scale miners, and they are able to tell that this particular operation is not licensed, is not legal, and therefore it is a “galamsey.”
Mr. Jinapor made it abundantly clear that no politician or high-ranking official would be permitted to interfere with the Operation Halt II teams’ work.

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