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A rival is stabbed to death by a man who was planning to enroll in a pastoral school after touching his girlfriend



Police in Adamawa have taken into custody a 22-year-old man by the name of Benedict Musa Haziel for allegedly stabbing a man named Luka during a dispute over Blessing, his fiancée.
The 22-year-old resident of Nasarawo Jereng in the Mayo Belwa Local Government Area offered Blessing’s family N15, 000 in order to demonstrate that he was interested in getting married to her.Benedict was furious because the victim was also hitting Blessing.It is said that Benedict repeatedly advised the deceased to stop going out with Blessing, but he ignored the advice and continued to do so.
Benedict remembered that on August 18, he went with Blessing to Luka’s house and found her there. He wanted to go to a pastoral school.He stabbed Luka in the buttocks after an argument, and Luka died as a result of the bleeding.
Below, read his confession;
“Because we intend to get married, I advised him to avoid her.I therefore followed her that fateful night to Luka’s house with the intention of taking her to her parents.
When I got to their house, he started a fight with me.I stabbed him in the buttocks with a knife I had in my possession by accident.I had no intention of killing him.


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