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Mohbad: “I almost died in the hands of my former label” – Harry Song makes shocking revelations



  • Nigerian artist Harry Song has once more taken aim at his previous record label, Five Star Music, in the wake of Mohbad’s tragic passing.
  • The ‘Reggae Blues’ sensation openly disclosed his harrowing experiences, recounting near-death encounters stemming from persistent mistreatment and confrontations during his conflicts with the former label’s head, Emeka Okonkwo, who happens to be the elder sibling of the label’s standout artist, Kcee.
  • Harry Song’s revelations have triggered an outpouring of responses from numerous Nigerians, sparking inquisitive conversations regarding the operations and ethics of record labels.

The tragic demise of former Marlian signee Mohbad has led to several record label owners being publicly criticized by some of their former signees

A prominent figure who has raised concerns about his former employer is Harrison Tare Okiri, recognized by his stage name, Harrysong. He took to social media to recount his encounters with his former record label, Five Star Music.

Harry Song averred that only by the grace of God and the support of a handful of virtuous individuals did he manage to escape a potentially fatal situation with his former record label.

He lamented enduring a relentless barrage of mistreatment, attacks, and abuses, primarily stemming from his desire to step away and pursue personal growth after serving the label for an extended period.

For Harry Song, that period was akin to a living hell, as the public readily accepted and propagated the negative narrative surrounding him. He said Fans, supporters, and even show promoters subjected him to bullying.

The singer acknowledged that he is alive today due to the steadfast support of those who stood by him, knowing the truth and refusing to be swayed by falsehoods meant to harm him.

In his plea for justice for Mohbad, Harry Song emphasized the need for record labels to abandon their cutthroat practices, which involve crushing and stifling young talents simply to assert dominance and power within the industry.

His words;

“If not for the grace of God, with the help of some very few good men I would ve also died in the hands of my former label, the turment,attacks, abuses and operations back to back, just becus I ve served and wanted to move out and grow a little for myself.

“it was hell for me, the general public believed everything they said about me then, fans,supporters show promoters bullying me everywhere, Infact one of my friends said he will buy drinks, celebrate, if I die of hunger and depression, am alive today just for the few that stood for me and by me, cus they know the true story and refused to be influenced by lies just to kill an innocent man. ,record labels should stop this do or die thingy killing and destroying young talents just because they want to prove label power and supremacy, #justiceformohbad”


In 2017, Harrysong was arrested by Five Star music and shortly after his release, the record label claimed that the Reggae Blues crooner was fond of abandoning contracts halfway amongst other reasons.



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